Two styles of drink vending machines to choose from

Staying hydrated is a priority in any workplace, particularly during summer, and having a Your Choice drink vending machine ensures that your staff can have a drink whenever they want. Our machines are ultra-modern, easy to use and look good in any location, and feature eco-friendly lighting and refrigeration to help conserve power.

All machines vend both bottles and cans, take notes and coins, and dispense correct change. They are also fitted with Vend Detect technology, which won’t take your money unless your selection has been delivered.

Dimensions: 8 Select: 850mm x D980mm x H1800mm
10 Select: W1000mm x D1000mm x H1800mm

Live Display Drink Vending Machine

These vend 8 or 10 different drink choices, with bottles and cans highly visible for easy selection. Eco friendly design with high–efficiency refrigeration and energy-saving foam-injection insulation are extra features that prove beneficial.

  • Vends 10 or 8 selections of bottles and cans with products highly visible for easy selection
  • Environmentally friendly LED Display lighting
  • Accepts coins and $5, $10, $20 notes
  • Power Saving Options for refrigeration and lighting
  • Programmable to switch off lights and or reduce refrigeration at times when the vending machine is not in use at night or weekends if applicable
  • Reduced eco footprint with high–efficiency refrigeration and energy saving foam-injection insulation
  • Lease Free
  • Your choice of drinks from our selection list

Dimensions: W1000mm x D1000mm x H1800mm
W850mm x D980mm x H1800mm

Glass Front Drink Vending Machine

These come in two sizes, the Vision Vendor which vends 35 drink selections and the Bev Max which vends 40 drink selections. Products do not drop, so there are no shaken fizzy drinks to cause a disaster later. They are ideal for larger sites with 100+ people.

  • All drinks on display
  • Delivery arm places product at easy access height
  • The product does not drop, so no shaken fizzing drinks
  • Maximum choice up to 40 selections of cans and bottles
  • Accepts coins and notes
  • Lease Free
  • Eco features include: power saving light and the latest refrigeration features.

"I just wanted to thank you for your services and arrangment re installation of the vending machine in Redfern. Our colleagues are really happy. Bruce was most helpful on the contract side of things."

Reneee Kayser Australia Associated Press Rhodes

"Well this is excellent. Thankyou. Who thought vending machines could be so easy."

3D interactive Yurong st East Sydney

"Thank you for the smooth installation and changeover of our vending machines."

Renai Belcher NAVITAS Sydney (Maquarie Uni City)

"I am stunned. Thank you for the prompt refund of my lost money in your vending machine. I thought it was gone forever. I never expected you would refund me."

Elizabeth Rosceck Frenchs Forest

"Great variety of products... amazing service and response time... very friendly staff and very reliable."

Volker Euler College Association

Why choose Your Choice Vending?

Vending machines aren’t what they used to be. Once upon a time you only had about five things to choose from, and half the time the machine jammed and you lost your money.

Not any more! At Your Choice Vending, our machines are state-of-the art, with energy conserving features and a range of healthy alternatives to traditional drinks and snacks. As well as the normal soft drinks, chips and chocolates, we can customise a vending machine for a healthier workplace and stock it with all the good things like fruit juice, Gatorade, water, milk, cookies, muesli slices, noodles, and nut bars.

And it won’t cost you a cent because our machines are loaned out lease-free! Your Choice Vending has machines in offices, factories, businesses and schools all over Sydney, and we provide a full service package including installation, restocking, repairs, and money handling. We even offer a same day call out service if you have any problems.

With modern machines, healthy options, quality service and fast backup, Your Choice Vending is your first choice in Sydney for quality drink and snack vendor services.

When it comes to vending machines, we offer the healthiest choices, backed up with first class service.

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